Individual Portraits


Nafisah is graduating from ASU with a degree in mechanical engineering.

We worked very closely throughout her time at ASU. I was her academic advisor and worked with her while she was president of SWE. I was thrilled to take her senior pictures.


IMG_5773-1 IMG_5800-9

IMG_5822-18 IMG_5802-11

IMG_5809-15 IMG_5830-20

IMG_5838-21 IMG_5846-23


IMG_5859-28 IMG_5857-26

IMG_5885-33 IMG_5867-31

IMG_5956-42 IMG_5959-43

IMG_5962-44 IMG_5965-45

IMG_5967-46 IMG_5976-51

IMG_6004-56 IMG_5995-55


Cute Nafisah you are amazing and I am so glad I was able to be a part of your journey.

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Julia Dyer- Senior pictures

Julia is graduating (with honors) from ASU in May with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. She is both beautiful and smart!  I was both her academic advisor and the advisor for SWE (Society of Women Engineers)

Congratulations Julia!














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Angela Dyer

Congratulations Angela on graduating from ASU!

I had the privilege of being Julia Dyer’s (Angela’s daughter) academic advisor and did their family photo shoot in June.

It was an honor to do Angela’s graduation pictures.

 0002   0003

 0010  0001

 0005  0024


 0015  0006

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Barrett Advising team

I started a new job on December 2, 2013 working at Arizona State University with the Barrett Advising team.

10 days later I did this photo shoot of our team.


 IMG_1907-8  IMG_1915-11

 IMG_1928-14  IMG_1931-15

 IMG_1963-23  IMG_1971-26

 IMG_1996-28  IMG_1955-20

I am so happy and excited to be working at such a amazing place and these great people.

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My beautiful friend Jill

Yesterday I took pictures of my beautiful friend Jill.

She asked what she should wear and I told her “Do you remember the blue shirt you were wearing at the party at Stephanie’s? Wear that shirt!

Good choice right? It brings out her pretty blue eyes.

I can’t decide which I like best. What is your favorite?

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Beautiful Engineering Girls

Last week I went to Houston, Texas for a Society of Engineers (SWE) conference for work. On Friday night before dinner I did a photo shoot with Nafisah (mechanical), Nicole (Industrial), Julia (Aerospace) and Amy (Biomedical). These girls are smart and beautiful!

First the group shots

they spelled out SWE, so cute

then a little jumping action
Photo bombing
and an adorable stroll down the walk
Individual shots
Nafisah (President)
Nicole (Vice President)
Julia (Treasurer)
Amy (Scholarship recipient)
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Anglea 2012

Angela needed some shots for project her and her siblings are doing for their parents so we headed to Papago Park early in the morning on July 2nd. She also got a Shalwar kameez from her Indian friends she wanted to get some pictures in it.

She also rocked the animal print!

In the Shalwar kameez