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Jackson Hole, Wyoming Trip

In May I was able to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a work/vacation trip.

The Regional NACADA Conference was held at the beautiful Snow King Resort. It was fun to be with be colleagues, even if I was pretty sick.


We were amazed by the beauty of the Tetons as we left the airport.



And two new friends Raquel and Elizabeth


226 25

We went downtown to eat and shop and of course had to get our picture under the antler arch.


I got a few individual pictures of the group too.

7 24

11  22

After the conference was over Angela joined me. She rented this cute car and we drove the 42 mile Scenic Loop. It was amazing!


First we stopped at Mormon Row to check it out for the sunrise pictures the next day.

32 34



41 44

Snake River Overlook. It is a famous for an Ansel Adams picture taken there in the 1942.

Here is the Ansel Adams picture

File:Adams The Tetons and the Snake River.jpg

Here is my picture 72 years later.


I really enjoyed the varied landscape.





59 63

As we were driving we found a big field of horse, donkey, mules.


70 75

One of my favorite spots is Oxbox Bend Turnout

81 85



We then headed north to Yellowstone National Park. Where some areas still had quite a bit of snow.

92  94

As we were driving we saw a bunch of people pulled of the side of the road, the park ranger informed us that is was because a mama bear and her two cubs were out. So we pulled over too.

I got a picture of people taking pictures since the bear were so far away. A few elk also showed up at the field.




96 97



We missed seeing Old Faithful because of the timing but we did get to go to the Midway Geyser Basin which is home to two of the largest geothermal features in Yellowstone:  Exelsior Geyser and Grand Prismatic Spring. Both very beautiful.


122 118


The next morning we got up early to take night, twilight and sunrise shots at Mormon row. I still need a lot of practice for my night shots but I did get one with the big dipper and some good sunrise pictures.



And I got one with a bison


Kristi Jackson then joined us for the rest of the trip.


We went to Jenny Lake. It was a gorgeous place.




170 178

185 191


We saw some fun animals too and learned that marmots make sounds like a bird.

187 175


The weather was gorgeous and the quick boat ride across the lake was one of the most relaxing things I have ever experienced.


198 200

That night we went out and got some more pictures of this amazing mountain range.




We stopped at Oxbow Bend again for sunset



Monday we drove up to the Teton Village and rode the Ariel Tram up the mountain.

Here are pictures along the way.




241 242

243 245

248 250


255 256

259 258

260 268

265 267

And then we flew home. This is Jackson Hole from the air.


What an amazing trip. If you would like to see all the pictures from the trip, click here.



Gilbert Temple at Night

On March 13, 2014 my brother, Scott Jarvie, came back to the Phoenix area and so I met him at the Gilbert Temple for some more night shots.

I have found great enjoyment with night photography and using the tripod for long exposures.







Then we went across the freeway and ate at Kneaders. Yummy!

Photo: dinner at Kneaders after taking amazing sunset pictures of the temple. chocolate mousse dome and key lime tart...yummy

Faith In America- A week in Arizona with Scott Jarvie

Have you heard of the Faith in America Project? It is a project that was successfully funded by Kickstarter that is allowing my brother, Scott Jarvie, to travel to all 50 states and photograph religious buildings of all faiths.

This past week he has been in my home state of Arizona so I went and took pictures with him multiple days. It was fun having my brother here and to learn from him, especially using the tripod.

Downtown Phoenix- Sunrise




 IMG_2112-8  IMG_2091-6

The man himself, hard at work.

 IMG_2082-4   IMG_2120-10



And my favorite, cause I love his happy expression and the church is in the picture!


We even got to do some of the inside, accompanied by the organ practicing for Mass later that day.



 IMG_2191-21   IMG_2196-24


We saw a big bike race downtown too.


Tempe, Near ASU, a mosque and United Church of Christ



 IMG_4132-32   IMG_2254-38

 IMG_4137-34   IMG_4135-33

 IMG_4152-41   IMG_4144-40

Us at church

Photo: went to church with my brother between shots at sunrise and sunset. He is in Arizona for his Faith In America project.

Gilbert Temple- Sunset

For the sunset there were many that came to join in on the fun. Scott even got out his 24 foot tripod to get some amazing shots.

Julia and Tina

 IMG_4185-46   IMG_4183-45

Julia, Tina and Nolan with one of Scott’s cameras. And everyone helping Scott set up the Tripod

 IMG_4188-47  IMG_4210-52



 IMG_4174-42   IMG_4198-51



Mesa Temple-Sunrise






Gilbert Temple- sunrise






It was a great week. I am one of Scott’s biggest fans and was so glad to go out and take pictures with him. I am very excited for the coffee table books! Oh and you should watch the Vlog (video blogs) of his trip. They are my favorite. Faith in America Vlog

Gilbert Temple

As part of his Faith in America Project my brother, Scott Jarvie,  is in Arizona for a week. I went out with him all day Sunday, we shot sunrise pictures in downtown Phoenix and sunset pictures at the Gilbert Temple.

It was an amazing sunset!




Crater Lake National Park

Yesterday I posted a blog about my whole wonderful trip to Oregon. Today I want to highlight Crater Lake.

On July 27, 2012 my mom, dad and I pulled up to the visitors center, it was a beautiful crisp sunny morning. We got there early, before all the crowds…which I prefer. From the top of the ledge you could see the pretty blue lake through the trees. Right in front of us was a Sinnott Memorial Overlook so dad and I went down.

I gasped as I saw the blue of the lake and the emerald green that lined the edge. While I was busy taking pictures my dad was reading the information at the overlook. He later told me the reason the lake is so blue is because it is precipitation, snow and rain. There are no rivers flowing in or out of the lake. It is beautiful and amazing.

Oregon Trip July 2012

At the end of July I surprised my family by flying to Oregon and spending a week with them. I went to help my dad with his book. We are working together on writing his life history. We accomplished a lot in the week. And it was a wonderful vacation for me!

Here is a picture I took with my cell phone as I was taking off in Phoenix. It is a dust storm affectionately called a Haboob, by people in Arizona.

To have it be a surprise I flew into Medford where my older brother Jay lives with his family. I wasn’t the only one crashing at their house that night. Here is a picture of the front room slumber party.

Sunday morning Jay drove me to Klammath Falls where we surprised my parents and my sister at church.

To add to the festivities my younger brother Scotty joined us too. We did a photo shoot out in dad’s garden while picking onions

One of my favorite parts of the trip was hiking with my father. He is so great at explaining what he sees and knows and he takes time to enjoy nature, which I love and appreciate so much. Oh and he is 80 years old and it wasn’t an easy hike. Go dad!

The first part was straight up hill.

We came over the mountain just as the sun came up

Below are a couple views of the valley from the top.

I put the camera on a rock and got a picture of me and my dad.

Here my dad is showing me the natural gas line and watching the dragonflies eating breakfast.

He saw a deer and encouraged me to see how close I could get and take a picture. Below are a couple of the pictures I got. I learned after they ran away that if I don’t move they can’t see me. Good to remember for next time.

We also got a picture of my parent’s home from the top of the mountain. It is the one with the white car in front.

The next day we went on another hike. This time not so steep and with Kristen and her children.

On Thursday it was my nephew Donavaughn’s 16th birthday so we went to his birthday party at Moore park. We played scum and ate hamburgers and watermelon.

The picture with the hats are the scum of the table.

The Birthday boy.

Below is a picture of the park. I ran around and played barefoot in the grass with Nya. We became good friends which makes me very happy.

We had a red head photo shoot- Remington, Me and Kristen

I took pictures of dad’s garden and his art. He was so excited about how great the corn was growing.

He makes tables, coffee tables and doors. He also painted the universe and made the Christus statue below.

Then we went to Crater Lake. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I gasped when I saw the blue waters rimmed with emerald green.

On the way up I got this picture. You may be wondering what is so special about a field. If you look close you will see columns of mosquitoes. Yes there were millions of mosquitoes in that field and they were in columns.

Picture of me and me and my mom

Photos taken on the way back down the mountain.

It was a wonderful week and my favorite part was sitting on the back porch with my family eating vanilla ice cream covered with dad’s hand picked raspberries looking at the view.

Quail and Jake the cat.

This picture was also taken with my camera phone. I love Oregon in the summer!

For more pictures click here

Trip to Winter Park, Colorado

This past weekend (Feb. 10-12, 2012) I went to Winter Park, Colorado. It was wonderful. I met great people, adored the cute little village of Winter Park and LOVED the snowmobile through the snow covered mountains.

A couple of shots on the mountain.

The Village of Winter Park. Established 1940.

Our Lodge


The fireplace…

And a couple of me posing with the bears in the village.

For more pictures click here.