Wes and Yin Engagements

While I was in DC in October I was able to do Wes and Yin’s engagement pictures.

They were both students at GW in the school of engineering where I advised for 5 years. Yin and I have been very close since her days as an undergraduate. I visit her each time I go to DC. Since they have been together I have gotten to know Wes. They are both great!

We took pictures both at the Library of Congress and on the lawn of the US Capitol. They are beautiful and I am excited to be their wedding photographer in Boston on the Fourth of July.

IMG_7709-5  IMG_7627-19

IMG_7766-2  IMG_7589-3

IMG_7720-6 IMG_7595-8

IMG_7567-7 IMG_7651-9


IMG_7655-20  IMG_7669-21

IMG_7697-22 IMG_7530-29

IMG_7581-14 IMG_7657-38

IMG_7556-12  IMG_7622-17

They are so cute!


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