Hansen Family 2014

What a treat, last night I got to do family pictures of the Hansen’s. Danee is one of my favorite people and she has the cutest family.

IMG_7107-16  IMG_7137-27


IMG_7154-30  IMG_3270-67

Look how precious this little girl is…

IMG_3176-1 IMG_3196-2

IMG_3216-3 IMG_3243-5



IMG_7184-8 IMG_3177-7

And she loves her daddy.

IMG_7166-36 IMG_3256-65

IMG_3189-45 IMG_7110-19

Mommy and daddy

IMG_7185-42 IMG_3238-59

IMG_7105-15 IMG_7169-38

IMG_3207-53 IMG_7172-39

And one with the photographer. We first bonded over Korean Drama so we are doing the v sign together here.

Great article: Have you ever wondered why East Asians spontaneously make V-signs in photos? 


To view all the pictures click here.


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