Nafisah is graduating from ASU with a degree in mechanical engineering.

We worked very closely throughout her time at ASU. I was her academic advisor and worked with her while she was president of SWE. I was thrilled to take her senior pictures.


IMG_5773-1 IMG_5800-9

IMG_5822-18 IMG_5802-11

IMG_5809-15 IMG_5830-20

IMG_5838-21 IMG_5846-23


IMG_5859-28 IMG_5857-26

IMG_5885-33 IMG_5867-31

IMG_5956-42 IMG_5959-43

IMG_5962-44 IMG_5965-45

IMG_5967-46 IMG_5976-51

IMG_6004-56 IMG_5995-55


Cute Nafisah you are amazing and I am so glad I was able to be a part of your journey.

To see more adorable pictures click here.


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