Egnew Family

On May 2, 2014 I was able to attend Eddie’s sealing. After I took these pictures of the Egnews and their friends and family.

He is so special. I am so happy he is officially now a part of this family.


IMG_5701-52 IMG_5696-51

lots of love from daddy

IMG_5735-69 IMG_5738-71

and love from mommy

IMG_5754-78 IMG_5761-81

and from mommy and daddy

IMG_5730-65 IMG_5731-66

His cute sisters

IMG_5644-31 IMG_5739-72

IMG_5684-48 IMG_5682-47

The family and friends that came to support


IMG_5592-4 IMG_5653-34

IMG_5587-3 IMG_5596-6




even one with me and Jessica


What a special day.

Click here to see all the pictures in the gallery.


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