Lillian- she is a natural

This ranks right up there of one of my very favorite photo shoots.

Lara told me about the cute white and gold outfit she got for Lillian and as we were discussing where to take the pictures I told her about a run down house that I had taken pictures at before and how I thought that I would be neat to have her pretty white in the old house.

It turned out great! Lilly and I took off toward the house and she would stop in a room and pose, both for the camera with the 18-135mm and the camera with the 50mm.

She is a natural and I  let her lead the shoot, below is the magic that happened.

 IMG_3097  IMG_3104

with the 50mm lens

 IMG_1981  IMG_1972

 IMG_1989  IMG_1986

with the house

 IMG_2851  IMG_2803


The attitude

 IMG_3113 IMG_3131

 IMG_2908  IMG_2961

 IMG_2890  IMG_2963

This one she asked me to take…of her sad in the corner


 IMG_3101  IMG_2905

With her brother

 IMG_2012  IMG_2899


With mom

 IMG_3080  IMG_3054

with mom and little brother

 IMG_3040  IMG_2926

this year she was interested in taking pictures too.


and of course mom had to get some pictures too


I started taking pictures of her when she was two, now she is seven. It gets better every year.

To see more pictures click here


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