Oregon Trip July 2012

At the end of July I surprised my family by flying to Oregon and spending a week with them. I went to help my dad with his book. We are working together on writing his life history. We accomplished a lot in the week. And it was a wonderful vacation for me!

Here is a picture I took with my cell phone as I was taking off in Phoenix. It is a dust storm affectionately called a Haboob, by people in Arizona.

To have it be a surprise I flew into Medford where my older brother Jay lives with his family. I wasn’t the only one crashing at their house that night. Here is a picture of the front room slumber party.

Sunday morning Jay drove me to Klammath Falls where we surprised my parents and my sister at church.

To add to the festivities my younger brother Scotty joined us too. We did a photo shoot out in dad’s garden while picking onions

One of my favorite parts of the trip was hiking with my father. He is so great at explaining what he sees and knows and he takes time to enjoy nature, which I love and appreciate so much. Oh and he is 80 years old and it wasn’t an easy hike. Go dad!

The first part was straight up hill.

We came over the mountain just as the sun came up

Below are a couple views of the valley from the top.

I put the camera on a rock and got a picture of me and my dad.

Here my dad is showing me the natural gas line and watching the dragonflies eating breakfast.

He saw a deer and encouraged me to see how close I could get and take a picture. Below are a couple of the pictures I got. I learned after they ran away that if I don’t move they can’t see me. Good to remember for next time.

We also got a picture of my parent’s home from the top of the mountain. It is the one with the white car in front.

The next day we went on another hike. This time not so steep and with Kristen and her children.

On Thursday it was my nephew Donavaughn’s 16th birthday so we went to his birthday party at Moore park. We played scum and ate hamburgers and watermelon.

The picture with the hats are the scum of the table.

The Birthday boy.

Below is a picture of the park. I ran around and played barefoot in the grass with Nya. We became good friends which makes me very happy.

We had a red head photo shoot- Remington, Me and Kristen

I took pictures of dad’s garden and his art. He was so excited about how great the corn was growing.

He makes tables, coffee tables and doors. He also painted the universe and made the Christus statue below.

Then we went to Crater Lake. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I gasped when I saw the blue waters rimmed with emerald green.

On the way up I got this picture. You may be wondering what is so special about a field. If you look close you will see columns of mosquitoes. Yes there were millions of mosquitoes in that field and they were in columns.

Picture of me and me and my mom

Photos taken on the way back down the mountain.

It was a wonderful week and my favorite part was sitting on the back porch with my family eating vanilla ice cream covered with dad’s hand picked raspberries looking at the view.

Quail and Jake the cat.

This picture was also taken with my camera phone. I love Oregon in the summer!

For more pictures click here


2 responses

  1. Gerri

    Your photos bring me joy, Sara! I love being able to see the place where your parents live, and looking at family photos. The countryside is exquisitely represented through your eye/camera. Your dad’s work is stunning. What a treat to see your creative work.

    August 6, 2012 at 4:32 pm

  2. Kara

    Gorgeous pictures, Sara! I especially love the pictures from your hike. What a view!

    August 10, 2012 at 1:50 pm

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