Trip to Vegas

This past weekend (Feb. 3rd-5th, 2012) I was able to go to Vegas and see my dad, sister, friend Kara and friend Dawn. It was a crazy whirlwind trip but so wonderful.

My first stop was Kara’s home. We were roommates in DC many summers ago. We still keep in contact and she has a cute little boy named, Brigham. I had fun taking pictures of him.

Then the garbage truck came, Brigham loves to see the truck! The first pictures is down stairs, but they couldn’t see well enough so they went up stairs to get a better look.

Here is a close up of Enzo, the dog.

and of Kara

and Kara and Brigham

Then I got to do something really great. I went with Kara to the Nevada Caucus. The Nevada Caucus was on Saturday Feb 4th. Here are a couple of pictures and my thoughts about it.

My thoughts about the Feb. 4th  Nevada Caucus-

Kara’s district was assigned one side of the gym, hence the picture of the gym above. There were 38 people from her district that participated and I was a spectator. The guy checking Kara in said that I was welcome to stay and “watch democracy in action”. I am glad I did.

The first thing that they did was figure out who wanted to be delegates, these people would represent the group at both the county and state level. Kara’s district needed 10 delegates and one extra. That process was pretty easy, the man in charge asked who wanted to be delegates and 13 people raised their hands. Two of the guys said they didn’t need to do it so there were 10 delegates and one extra.

This was definately my first caucus but it also seemed like it was for many of the people there. I was wondering if these delegates were going to be representing you won’t you like to know who they were going to vote for? They just let those that want to volunteer. In the end it worked out fine.

Next, people could stand in front of the group for two minutes and plead the case for the nominee that they thought most deserving to be the next Rebulican presidential canidate. A few talked about Romney, one for Gingrich and one for Paul.

Then those in the room voted on a little piece of paper who they wanted to be the Rebulicatn presidential canidate. These votes were counted. I am a big survivor fan and have watch every season since 2004. This part when they took the little papers they voted on and read the names really reminded me of tribal council. It made me wonder if Mark Burnett modeled it after this? or at least the democatic process? I realized that the people getting up an pleading the cause is also very similar.

In the end the votes were 33 Mitt Romney, 3 Newt Gingrich and 2 Ron Paul. Then the group asked the delegates who they were going to be voting for and it turns out that one of the delegates was for Ron Paul and one for Newt Gingrich and the rest for Mitt Romney which went with how the votes turned out.

I am glad that I was able to watch a little bit of demcracy in action!

In the afternoon we went downtown to City Center to see Chihuly. I got a very pleasant surprise–there is a Henry Moore piece and other beautiful art at City Center as well.

I don’t know the name of this artist but it is great because what you see in the metal changes as you move.

Henry Moore- Reclining Connected Forms (1967-1974)

A quick view in the lobby of the Aria

With Kara on the bird chairs.

The Chihuly Gallery. I have always loved Chihuly’s glass and have seen them installed in three different botanical gardens, which in my opnion is where they should be seen.

But in this gallery I gained a new appreciation of his paintings.

Now we are at the Safari Club international show and my dad’s booth. He makes beautiful doors, tables and goblets.

Next to Dawn’s home. We served as companions on our mission many years ago. It was great to see her and her family. They live on 5 acres of land and have lots of animals which I had a fun time taking pictures of with the help of Drake and his cousin.

It was a wonderful trip seeing my family, friends and great art. Oh, and see the political system in action.

For a link to all 100 pictures please go to this link.


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  1. kristen

    loved it ! great pictures

    February 9, 2012 at 10:45 am

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