Envision the World- Taliesin West

Three of my favorite things are Literature, Art and Architecture. As far as architects go I am quite fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright and have been to his houses in Pennsylvania and Chicago and decided that while the weather in Arizona was so beautiful (80’s with clear blue sky) I would go see Taliesin West. I learned even more about a fascinating man the school that he founded.

He believed that the students would be better architects if they studied the arts. Every student has to learn to play a musical instrument, they also participate in drama, dance and singing. They are also encourage to participate in other arts such as sculpture. These are a couple of sculptures a student at the school made.

Taliesin West

He spent a significant amount of time in Japan designing the Imperial Hotel and bought and sold a lot of Japanese art. He brought many pieces like the one below and they are scattered throughout the grounds.

After seeing Taliesin West I REALLY want to go to Wisconsin and see Taliesin. And my next visit to New York City I will go to the Guggenheim. It was a great morning!


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