They are beautiful! Thank you so much. You really captured my beauty with the lighting. Amazing!!


“Thanks so much for taking my picture Sister. I had a great time. I won’t have felt comfortable with anyone else.”




These are SO fun and fresh!  I am totally excited!!!

Thanks so much! I hope you do not mind the drive…I would even come to you…I want to do this again!!!  You are terrific!  What a talent!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!

Sara and family!

Oh my goodness! Those are fabulous! Thank you thank you! I love them!!!



i had fun too! thank you so much for being my photog! lol

you did an amazing job!


Hey Sara,

Thank you so much!  We love the pictures.  We are so excited.  We’re still trying to decide which ones we are going to order.  Anyway, thanks again!


Wow oh Wow!!! Those pictures are gorgeous you are so talented!

I can’t thank you enough for capturing those special moments…you are a angel!


I think they look great thank for capturing their cuteness


Sara–Thank you so much for taking these fantastic shots. We love them all! You were so much fun to work with and a great friend!!
Becky Call

I love the photos!!!!! I think you really captured Lillian’s personality I have a smile on my face at each new shot.

Thanks a ton

“You did such a beautiful job with the pictures! They are wonderful! We love them!”

“Your work is brilliant.”



You are great!  We love the pictures and thank you soooo much for coming out this far to take them.



The pictures are amazing…we are so happy that you came to the reception and we will be placing an order soon! Thank you…Thank you!!!!

Alex, JJ, Zac…The Lorenzen’s


Sara!!! They look sooooo awesome!!! Thank you! Doing the shoot with you was so much fun – maybe we should both just scrap advising and do the whole modeling/photography thing full time. LOL!



Wow! Those are awesome Sara! I’m excited!THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


I love the pictures!! They look really good! We’ll put in an order from online soon too. We are very happy with them. Thank you so much for doing the pictures 🙂


Hi Sara,

Thank you!!! I am so glad you enjoyed the wedding. And you are very, very welcome for the card. You were wonderful!
And, to get the pictures to me so soon is awesome. Just perfect because my parents & sister were still here last night so we got a chance to look at them together. My mom was real happy about that since she has no clue as to how to use a computer!!
Thanks again! Have a great day and I’m sure we will be in touch soon!



We just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the wonderful pictures. That was very kind of you to do that for us. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.
-Bill and Bea Parker


“WOW!!! I love so many of these pictures. Thank You a million times over! I can’t wait to get our prints ordered. You did a fabulous job- there were so many pictures I didn’t realize you got. Rhett and I will have a hard time selecting 🙂 What a great problem to have!”


“Thanks and it was a pleasure working with you as well. Chuck and I are already planning on having you take our pics next year for Christmas. We really think you do great work.”


“It was wonderful to meet you during the Parker family Thanksgiving gathering! After looking through the portrait and lifestyle galleries on your blog, we wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your photos. They are fabulous! Thanks for capturing images that will be cherished for years to come. You are truly talented.”
-Jon and Julia


“Wow! The pictures are absolutely fabulous! I love them. Thank you so much for taking them. It was really fun to get to know you!”


“I just looked at the pictures you took of our family at Thanksgiving. They’re fantastic! Thank you so much for all the time you spent taking them. You’re very talented!”


“I just looked at the pictures. They look great! Thanks so much!”



“Thank you, Sara!! We have already picked out some of our favorites. We love all the pictures of Ella!! They turned out great!! We are very pleased to have a nice family pic.”


“Thank you so much for the fun photo session Saturday — it was nice to meet you. And thanks for posting the photos so quickly!”


“Thank you so much Sara! Those are great. You have been so nice to answer all of our requests so quickly – I really appreciate everything!”


“Thanks for the pictures. There are some really great shots. And thanks for putting up with all of us, especially the grumpy ones.” -Leslie


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