Greg and Julia Engagements

Taken at Scorpion Gulch on May 16, 2015.

IMG_0406-2 IMG_0429-2

IMG_0395-2 IMG_0430-2

IMG_0326-2 IMG_0500-2

IMG_0481-2 IMG_0388-2

A little inspiration from pinterest

IMG_0362-2 IMG_0365-2

The beautiful Julia

IMG_0411-2 IMG_0433-2

I love when you guys laugh

IMG_0486-2 IMG_0500-2-2

So happy to know you and be your photographer for your major life events!

Graduation/ Proposal pictures- Greg and Julia

What a fun night. Greg and Julia asked me to talk graduation pictures. They both received their masters degrees in engineering from ASU on May 13, 2015. A couple of days before the photo shoot Greg messaged me to tell me he was going to propose to Julia that night. It was fun to capture their special night. They didn’t even put the cap and gown on.

IMG_0210 IMG_0056

First some graduation pictures with Old Main in the background


IMG_0142 IMG_4386

The beautiful Julia

IMG_4351 IMG_0235

Handsome Greg

IMG_4382 IMG_4360

and them together


IMG_0058 IMG_0221

The proposal

IMG_0190  IMG_0192

IMG_0188 IMG_0201

IMG_0197  IMG_0206

Happy day, congrats Greg and Julia


Lillian is 8 years old

Lillian is 8 years old this month. We did a beautiful photo shoot with her in a gorgeous white dress and head band at the Gilbert Arizona Temple.

IMG_9517-24 IMG_4199-28



IMG_9502-20 IMG_9498-18

IMG_9505-21 IMG_9499-19



IMG_9429-7 IMG_9441-9



With mom and adorable Andrew

IMG_4236-37 IMG_9466-14

The beautiful Gilbert Temple


Right when we were leaving there was a gorgeous sunset


Mother and child

I love mother and child pictures. One of my favorite times in art history is the Italian Renaissance. There are a lot of great mother and child pictures during that time.

After taking family pictures for the Lewis family Sandra and I did a little photo shoot with her and Annie. It is so wonderful to see her love for her daughter and capture a small portion here.

IMG_3907-27 IMG_3867-23

IMG_4116-71 IMG_4122-74

IMG_4127-75 IMG_4134-76

IMG_4137-77 IMG_4155-79

IMG_4165-1 IMG_4159-81

And two of my very favorites

IMG_4179-87 IMG_4183-88

Cute Annie



Some sleeping and some crying

IMG_4060-56 IMG_4089-69




Lewis Family 2014

It was so fun to take pictures of my wonderful friends, Aaron and Sandra and their sweet 4.5 week old daughter Annie.

IMG_4001-42 IMG_3824-15


IMG_3961-33 IMG_3976-36

IMG_3974-35  IMG_4026-45

IMG_4028-46 IMG_4092-70

IMG_4031-48  IMG_4064-57

IMG_3907-27 IMG_3867-23

IMG_3796-7 IMG_3805-9



What a wonderful family. Annie was an angel and slept through most of the shoot, we did have to document some crying

IMG_4060-56  IMG_4089-69


So fun to do pictures of friends, especially when they have children this adorable.

Can’t decide which I like better, color or black and white.

IMG_9160  IMG_9160-2

IMG_9162  IMG_9161

IMG_9156  IMG_3339


Here is his beautiful mother.

IMG_3355  IMG_3392

With mom

IMG_3370 IMG_9101

Love these two

IMG_9110  IMG_9114

It was a cold November morning.

IMG_9116 IMG_9119

IMG_9121-2 IMG_9127

IMG_9143 IMG_9186

IMG_9193 IMG_9191

and these two are just so cute!

IMG_9197  IMG_9195



Farrell Family 2014

While in Utah, last week, I stayed with the Farrell family and Saturday afternoon we did pictures at the lovely BYU campus in Provo.

IMG_8731 IMG_8744IMG_3324-2 IMG_3335IMG_8726 IMG_8503


IMG_8697 IMG_8539IMG_8682 IMG_8526


IMG_8758 IMG_8663


IMG_8603 IMG_8753


A beautiful family, for more pictures click here.



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